Sunday, 11 March 2012

To the beach I go!

Ahh ,What a lovely day it has been in England. It's been sunny! A rare occasion for anyone who lives in England! 
It's actually been beautiful weather up in the North. I don't know about anywhere else. A bit nippy but sunny nevertheless. 

This morning I decided to get off my arse and give my room a bit of a spring clean. Sure, It doesn't look too different but there's no cobwebs any-more!
I hoovered.
Chucked stuff out.
And finally organised all the jewellery i have...
Three bags of rubbish later, and 2 charity bags, I was done. 

After all that rigorous exercise I thought some fresh air would do me some good, So off me, the mother, father and the boyfriend trolled to the beach- dogs in toe.
Although i am nearly 16 years of age going to the beach still seems to excite me. Juts like it did when I was 4! Running up the sand dunes ( a bit more out of breath than i was when i was 4) , paddling in the sea and playing tag with the ever so willing boyfriend. Oh how I love the beach. 

After a couple hours there we then stopped of to the most beautiful ice cream parlour around.. For anyone who lives up in Northumberland. Get yourself to Morwick Ice-Cream Parlour. It's amazing. really really amazing. I had a scoop of mango and a scoop of chocolate for any of you who are curious! So my Sunday has been filled with ice-cream, cleaning, tag, sea and sand.. Not to forget sun!