Sunday, 22 April 2012

Too Faced- LashLight Mascara Review

Well, I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago from good olde' TKMaXX for a mere £4.50. Bargin! So obviously I had to buy it. Now I've never tried any Too Faced cosmetics before, but I'd always wanted to try them, as they have some great reviews.
Ok, First of all, Packaging...
Now I love the actual packaging of this, To be honest i love all Too Faced's packaging. The mascara comes in a  little pink box which is super cute. And the mascara looks nice and sleek and has a really handy mirror on one side- which may I add is uber handy for when you forget to chuck a mirror in your handbag.
But, now this is a big But... Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this mascara claims to actually make your eyes brighter. Now it says it does this by the light.
Ok, the light, So this mascara has a two little bulbs at the top of the wand, which can be activated ( is that the right word) by pressing a button at the top.

The light is supposed to be used when applying the mascara, Ok, this is the but... this thing blinds you when you put this on! Like totally, blinds you. I have only managed to use the light twice when applying this mascara, and it honestly gave me a headache the light so close to the eye. I personally think that if they wanted a light in the packaging, Which would be handy, they should have put it in the actual tube? of the mascara not the wand.
So that brought down my review slightly.
As for the actual mascara, I find this gives a lovely natural look. And when layered with more than one coat, it gives a lovely natural yet full finish.
Overall, I adore this mascara, without the light but not for the usual price tag of $25 ( I don't know what that converts to!)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Make Up and Skin Care Tag.

1. How often do you wash your face? 
I wash my face twice daily, Once in the morning and once at night. Obviously if I'm   in some sort of chocolate spread fight or something and it gets on my face, I will wash it off. 
2. Your skin type?
My skin type is combination, I don't know if it's combination to oily or dry. As my forehead is oily and along my nose, but my cheeks, under eyes and sides of nose are dry.
3. Which facial cleanser do you use? 
I use the Simple cleanser (I forget it's full name) to take off my make up. I then use  the Superdrug deep action cleansing lotion to 'clean' my skin.
4. Do you use facial peels?
Do you mean facial scrubs? In that case I use a Neutrogena blackhead clearing one.
5. Which peeling product do you use? 
6. Which moisturiser do you use? 
Currently I am using Clean&Clear dual action oil free moisturiser. But I have tried the Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Which I love but the price tag degrades my love slightly, don't judge me, I'm skint! 
However I do fake tan and although my face is naturally tanned I do use Olay Everyday Sunshine about once every two-three weeks to give me that 'sun-kissed glow'
7. Do you have freckles?
I don't.
8. Do you use an eye cream? 
9. Do you have acne problems? 
I don't have acne as in proper acne. I get spots though. Just like any other teenager, they're mainly on my forehead, chin and nose area.
10. Do you use SPF?
Only on holiday?
11. Foundation?
I absolutely love Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 hour foundation. The coverage is amazing, Blends amazing, suits my skin tone (I'm 100 Ivory by the way) I just love it.
12. Concealer? 
I can never find the perfect concealer, I just can't, I'm currently testing out Rimmel's Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer, which i am forming a love/hate relationship with; the coverage is excellent and hides blemishes great. But it's matte, and because i have dry skin in some of my problem areas it isn't great.
On the higher end i do also love Erase Paste and Boi-oing both by Benefit, Although the price tag makes me want to a weep a little.

13. Do you know your skin tone? 
Fair? I fake tan usually though. My face is naturally darker than my body although Ivory foundations still suit me.
14. What do you think about the false lashes? 
ADORE! Especially if you have blonde, straight, stumpy lashes like me! 
I'm still yet to master how to apply them...
15. What do you think about the rule of changing mascara every 3 months?
16. Your mascara?
I'm using three... Is that bad? Hey, my eyelashes need help!
I start by applying Maybelline The Colossal Volume Cat Eyes Express mascara, just one coat. I find this mascara separates my lashes well and adds a bit of length, Although i am running out.
Next I apply Too Faced Laslight mascara (review on this soon). I apply about two coats of this.
Finally I use Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara- this mascara is phenomenal. It makes you look like you're wearing falsies, so if you don't like that look don't get it!
17. Sephora or MAC?
18. Which make up tool do you use mostly?
I use brushes for my make-up. I don't go splashing out on high-end brushes. I tend to just use some form Superdrug or Boots and brands like W7 do some great blending brushes.
19. Do you use eye shadow base? 
I should, But I don't. I don't own one.
20. Base for face? 
I have the Gosh Velvet touch primer, But I only really use this for special occasions as i find my make up stays on fairly well everyday anyway. 
21. What is your favourite eye shadow?
I am using a Mac pallete at the moment, but I think it's a fake as it doesn't have the smooth packaging or the names of the eye shadows in, So unfortunately I cannot answer this. 
22. Which one is your favourite: liquid or dry eyeliners? 
I use Mac's Smoulder in my waterline and I really like it. But I have Topshop's Black Pen Liner which I also love... 
There's only one way to find out.... 
23. Have you ever had a mascara accident? 
As in smudging it on your eyelid? Check.
On your nose? Check.
Forehead? Check.
Eyebrow? Check.
Chin? Believe it or not, Check. 
Poking yourself in the eye? Check.
24. What do you think about pigment eye shadows?
They look so pretty, but i cannot for the life of me use them without an incredible amount of fallout.
25. What about mineral make up? 
I use Collection 2000's mineral powder, That's mineral make-up right?
26. What is your favourite lipstick? 
My favourite lipsticks continues to change, at the moment they stand as;
MUA's red one.. I think it's shade 13, a basic red.
YSL-Rouge Volupte, a orange toned red.
Calvin Kleins-Luxe Delicious Truth, a "Your lips but better" shade.
27. How about lipgloss? 
Again, My favourites change, but at the moment;
Collection 2000-Lock and Hold in Twisted Disco, a lilac colour.
Soap and Glory- Sexy Mother Pucker in Candy Gloss, a light neutral pink shade.
Gosh- On stage Cool Jam in 102, another light neutral pink shade.
and finally, I don't know if you can call this a lip gloss but it's going on anyway;
Collection 2000-Cream Puff in Powder Puff 2, a skin toned nude.
28. What is your favourite blush to use?
I don't wear blush. I'm convinced my skin doesn't suit them!
29. Do you buy make up from Ebay? 
I haven't yet, But I'm not saying i wouldn't.
30. What do you think about drugstore products? 
I love them! I'm too skint not to!
31. Have you ever considered taking a make up lesson?
I love make-up so I guess it'd be a nice thing to do, although YouTube has so far taught me everything I need to know.
32. Are you clumsy in putting make up on? 
Not usually, Make up is kind of a therapy for me and i find it relaxing to put on, i take pride in my make up so no not really.
33. What's the worst make up disaster for you?
False Eyelashes.
34. Do you like bright or natural colours? 
It tends to be neutral colours, Although I do like to mix things up with a bit of blue or purple on my eyeballs!
35. Which celebrities' makeup is your favorite? 
I love Ke$ha, is that wrong? I wouldn't wear her make-up out but its amazing how it is done!
Otherwise, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
36. What would be your one and only make up material to use life long if you had to choose one? 
Mascara. Those eyelashes are in love.
37. Do you ever go out without make up? 
Yeah, All the time. I let my skin breath, I tend to put on make-up if I'm going out anywhere as I enjoy putting on make up. but if I'm just around where i live or doing things which doesn't require looking good. then no make up for me.
39. Which cosmetic brand do you think is the best? 
I don't necessarily have one for a drug store brand, I like Collection 2000 and Gosh and Rimmel and Barry M etc etc
But for high end I have to say Benefit.
40 . What do you think about make up in general?
I think make up is fine? If it makes someone happy wearing it and they enjoy wearing it then who is anyone else to judge. 
Although it is over priced.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Items I have bought recently....

Lately I decided to purchase some beauty items. Which is not something I usually do, surprising because I love make-up/beauty etc. I'm more of a clothes person.
So I thought I'd share with you what I have bought...
St Moriz fake tan. £2.99
Anti-Bacterial Wipes: 50p

L-R: Flat topped eye shadow brush W7 (£3.99), Revlon ColourBurst lip gloss in Papaya  (Not too sure how much this was), Saffron Nail Art in Orange (99p), Saffron Nail art in Silver Glitter (£1.50), W7 Blue glitter  nail polish ( I think this was £2)

TooFaced LashLight Mascara in Black, (£4.99) 
I got the TooFaced mascara from TKMaxx, I'm not too sure what the original price was. 
I still have the mascara, brush, wipes and fake tan to test but so far I'm loving all the other products. If you would like to see a review on any of these products or know a bit more about them, leave a comment below :) 

Eilish Xxx

Monday, 2 April 2012


Last weekend (24th-25th) My mum and I travelled to London. The reason we did this was because we had won tickets to go to the Sport Relief concert starring; Rizzle Kicks, Olly Murs and JLS. 
We flew down from Newcastle to Heathrow Airport on the Saturday morning, we then got the Tube from Heathrow (to many different places as we got lost... a lot and actually went to the wrong hotel via running across the busiest road in the world!)
After we eventually made it to our hotel. It was time for a rest.... Or not. We had to get up and out the hotel to actually go to the concert! 
You can see the O2. This is just outside our hotel. 
The Mother.
 The concert was amazing, but unfortunately I couldn't get many decent photos, so use your imagination! I have to be honest and say That I am not actually a big fan of JLS, I like the don't get me wrong, But I am not necessarily a 'fan'. However I like Rizzle Kicks and I love Olly Murs who were both amazing. And JLS put on an amazing show. The costumes, The set, the songs, the dancing. They were great and we both had a great time. 

On the Sunday, our flight home wasn't until 3 so we decided to take advantage and pop off to Camden Market, as you do. I have been to Camden a couple of times and i honestly have to say it is one of my favourite places on earth. I adore the atmosphere, the clothes, the jewellery, the bits and bobs, people and the food!
I feel so small.
Overall we had an amazing time and I got lots of lovely jubbly things! 
Bye. Eilish. x