Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Being "Socially Accepted".

What I don't understand is that in today's society it is not deemed "Socially acceptable" to be friends with a member of the opposite sex whilst in a relationship. Whether or not the relationship you're in is happy you're still the victim of scrutiny and speculation if heaven forbid you're seen even talking to a member of the opposite sex.
When was it decided that everyone else was allowed to conclude what's 'good' in a relationship or for a couple? Because, and called me old-fashioned, I feel as though those decisions should be made between the couple in question and that no one else should have their say in the matter (surely the couple whom the situation applies to would know what was best to do right?.)
Society today has become a circle of people judging one another, from petty things, such as ones hair colour, or bigger things such as relationships, ethnicity and culture. It doesn't seem right that the world we live in could achieve so much, yet first impressions or the tail end of a story can spark an infinite amount of rumours from those less educated.
Sorry about the rant, I just felt that certain things needed to be addressed.

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