Saturday, 4 May 2013

The problem with school.

School. The word itself brings about the emotion of horror to many a teenager. I, am one of them. 
Ever since I was a tiny little toddler with a mass of curly hair, I've always loved school. From finger painting to GCSE's, I've always enjoyed it, like anything, it has had its bad days, but on the whole I've always enjoyed going to school.
Until now. 
Back in June 2012, I was so excited for going into sixth form, no more maths or science. I chose the subjects. No more uniform. Much more freedom. Wrong.
I have never ever felt so depressed in my life. I hate school. 
It isn't necessarily the lessons that I took which I hate (English Language, Media Studies, Performance and Philosophy) It's the rules. 
Personally I feel as though we get no respect at my school. My stance on it is that, I CHOSE to come to this school to do my A-levels. I could've quite as easily gone to college or got myself an apprenticeship. Granted, I may not have received the quality of education I get at school, But I would certain to hell get a lot more freedom. 
Sixth Form is supposed to educate you, both academically and not, for the future ahead. It's supposed to help prepare you for your time in uni. It doesn't. 
  • At college and uni, you show up to lessons, only when you're needed. At school its compulsory to attend from 9am onwards (regardless of if your only lesson is at 2pm) 
  • At college and uni, you can wear whatever you want. Whilst at school it's a strict dress code of colours grey, white and black, only white shoes, no patterns, no facial jewellery, no unnaturally coloured hair.

  • At school you aren't allowed coats indoors, to eat indoors, to have your mobile phones out, to talk in the sixth form study area, and quite frankly, I'm sick of it. 

The school goes on about how independent we will be, and how you have your "independent study", how you'll "manage your time correctly" and how it "sets you up for your higher education choice". Does it hell. 
We're spoon-fed like children and I certainly do not feel independent, especially when expected to take my leather jacket off upon walking from one entrance to an exit. It irritates me how the school expect us to give them respect when they give us none. 
Speaking of respect the amount of teachers who cannot teach is appalling  There's one (no names mentioned, lets call him Mr A) who has taught me for a year and still cannot get my name right. It's disrespectful. Mr A  expect us to know all the answers to something he hasn't taught us, to then shout at us, until a pupil corrects him, then claim 'we should've known it anyway', without an apology to the class. 
Personally I feel that respect is earned and it also goes both ways. 
Sixth form hasn't encouraged my independence, nor has it prepared me for university. Instead it's made me resent my life and pray that the next year will be over.