Monday, 25 June 2012

Boots Tea-Tree and Witch Hazel Moisturiser Review

I'm all for one for trying out new beauty products, In fact,  I love it. I'd purchased this a while ago as I needed a moisturiser for a couple of weeks for some reason or other. 
I have combination skin which is oily around the 'T' zone. Minus the 'T' part. Basically my chin, bridge of nose and centre of forehead. This moisturiser had applied to me by saying it was a "Shine control moisturiser". 
I didn't like this when I first put it on, but thought I'd give it some time as moisturiser will not work with only one application. I used this twice a day as it states to for a good two months. 
This moisturiser just made me MORE OILY! even on places where I wasn't oily before. It really dried any dry areas in my skin and left the flaky. Ewww. 
I honestly do not know which skin-type this would suit possibly Normal skin.
The consistency is very very watery.
I'm not sure how much this product is but i think about the £2.99 mark? Boots have actually changed their packaging for this brand but here's the full collection
Overall I really, really didn't like this product and I will not be repurchasing.
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Byye <3