Sunday, 22 April 2012

Too Faced- LashLight Mascara Review

Well, I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago from good olde' TKMaXX for a mere £4.50. Bargin! So obviously I had to buy it. Now I've never tried any Too Faced cosmetics before, but I'd always wanted to try them, as they have some great reviews.
Ok, First of all, Packaging...
Now I love the actual packaging of this, To be honest i love all Too Faced's packaging. The mascara comes in a  little pink box which is super cute. And the mascara looks nice and sleek and has a really handy mirror on one side- which may I add is uber handy for when you forget to chuck a mirror in your handbag.
But, now this is a big But... Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this mascara claims to actually make your eyes brighter. Now it says it does this by the light.
Ok, the light, So this mascara has a two little bulbs at the top of the wand, which can be activated ( is that the right word) by pressing a button at the top.

The light is supposed to be used when applying the mascara, Ok, this is the but... this thing blinds you when you put this on! Like totally, blinds you. I have only managed to use the light twice when applying this mascara, and it honestly gave me a headache the light so close to the eye. I personally think that if they wanted a light in the packaging, Which would be handy, they should have put it in the actual tube? of the mascara not the wand.
So that brought down my review slightly.
As for the actual mascara, I find this gives a lovely natural look. And when layered with more than one coat, it gives a lovely natural yet full finish.
Overall, I adore this mascara, without the light but not for the usual price tag of $25 ( I don't know what that converts to!)

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