Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Day In The Life Of Boredom...

Well, So I guess today consists of me gaming. Literally; You know that feeling when you have a tonne of stuff to do but you just cannot be bothered! I have that feeling.
Describing the scene: Sitting on my bed with Google Chrome open.
Tab 1- This
Tab 2- Space Invaders.
I am surrounded by a collection of games Viva Pinata. New Super Mario Bros. Donkey Kong. Mario Kart. I also have my Game boy Colour with Tetris.
Yeah i'm rambling. But I honestly have no clue what do write. I'm just very boroooored!

I went to see Paranormal Activity 3 yesterday.. It's scary! Well it's not exactly scary.. it's more , how would you say it? Jumpy? Like it makes you jump! Get me? The cinema was absolutely heaving!  And there was these 3 lads behind us who must've been about 20- 22 at the start of the movie they were all like " Oh this is gonna be crap! FBudshkjhsdkgfkaghfksdkjghgs mehhhh" And then they were honestly the biggest wusses in the cinema screaming at the top of their voices like little girls.... So i guess that brightened up the whole spooky ass atmosphere.....
Ok um.. Bye <3

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